Traditional Martial Art

Yuthakun Khöm is the original Khmer Martial Art. Various technique are depict at the base of the entrance pillars to the Bayon Temple. The techniques were taught to the army explaining certainly the domination of Angkor King in Southeast Asia. Now, and even if the Khmer Rouge regime tried to annihilate it, this martial art still alive and continue to be teach by around 20 masters (krus) around the country.

The Yuthakun Khmer Khöm is composed of 12 core techniques, 8 doors system/special footwork, and weapons. Inside the Yuthakun Khmer Khöm two principals techniques are teach:

• AniYuth (armed technics)

• AtmaniYuth (physical fight)

– Kun Chbabb (traditional khmer wrestling)

– Kun Daï (punch/kick) : literally Pradal Serey in khmer language)

Practitioners begin each training session by paying respect to Brahma as Buddha does not accept any violence. Also, when Yuthakun Khmer Khöm had been creating, the principal religion was Brahmins from India and India which influenced the region, also practiced sword fighting and empty-hand techniques.

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