Traditional Dance

Consists of three main categories: Classical Dance of the royal court used for invocation, entertainment and to pay homage, Folk Dance which portrays cultural traditions, and Social Dances performed in social gatherings. The Khmer classical dance is a highly stylized dance form originating from the royal courts consisting of elaborately costumed dancers for invocation of deities and spirits as well as to pay homage to royalty and guests. Folk Dances emphasize various cultural traditions and ethnic groups of Cambodia. Movements and gestures are not as stylized as classical dance. Folk dancers wear clothes of the people they are portraying such as Chams, hill tribes, farmers, and peasants and talking about love or folktales. Social dances are danced at social gatherings such as wedding, banquet parties: Romvong, Romkbach, Saravann… In addition, other social dances from around the world have had an impact on Cambodian social culture include the Cha-cha, Bolero, and the Madison!

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